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You’re Not an Antique, But That Rocking Chair Is

By Caroline Corser

Cheerleader for Positive Lifestyles


Where do you fit in the big, lifetime picture? Are you 50 plus, 65plus…or 100 plus? Whatever your age, if you are in the second half of life, you are NOT “over the hill,” as people love to tease when a friend turns 50. Age 50 is just the beginning of what can be a glorious new life, and this book will show you how to find the keys to build that new life. Three Cheers for the Good Years! is a how-to book that will give you plenty of reasons to start planning now, and it will show you how to start making those plans. 

Every chapter includes a story about someone whose life is an example of that chapter’s message and ends with steps you can take to discover your own special interests. You’ll find yourself beginning to build a rewarding, fulfilling life, right now, that will take you right on through for years to come. 


This section will convince you that no matter how long you live, you can enjoy a great life. The exercises will help you examine your present life and your attitude about your future. You will find yourself asking, “How can I make these wonderful results happen for me?”

·        Chapter 1 – Most of Us Will Live a Lo-o-o-ng Time

Here you will learn that living longer is becoming the norm, and you will see examples of those who have lived long, productive lives. You will create a different picture of your own future.

·        Chapter 2 – They’re Just Myths…That Stuff About Senility

The amazing information in this chapter will destroy those myths about the aging brain. You will burst with excitement when you realize the wonderful potential your mind can experience.

·        Chapter 3 – The Secret Is to Stay Involved

This chapter will motivate you to find out what you can do to start the ball rolling toward an exciting future for yourself. Once you have examined how you’re spending your time now, you will be ready to find your passion and get involved in life-fulfilling involvement.


Part II will take you, step by step, through self-discovery and on to real action as you progress toward self-actualization. You can focus on your own dreams and start to realize them.

·        Chapter 4 –Search Your Soul; Search Your Past

You will now see more clearly than ever the importance of finding your true passion. The exercises in Chapter 4 will take you through your life and bring to light your present and past strengths and interests.

·        Chapter 5 – Start Planning Lifelong Involvement Now

Here’s where you will understand that it’s time to start planning for the second half of your life—now—no matter what your age. The steps in this chapter will show you an easy way to put a plan on paper and start moving toward some exciting new fun.

·        Chapter 6 – Take a Risk and Reap the Rewards

You will now learn that trying something new does not necessarily involve courting danger or risking your life savings. It merely means daring to step out of your comfort zone with carefully thought-out plans. And you will see that you can become a stronger, more confident person as a result. This chapter will show you many wonderful rewards that come from going for your dreams.

·        Chapter 7 – Don’t Let Difficulties Hold You Back

Chapter 7 will help you overcome doubts and deal with possible obstacles or setbacks, and it will free you to move forward in your new adventure. It will help you find ways to move around physical handicaps, financial lack, and family obligations.

·        Chapter 8 – Final Tips for Your Adventure

Finally, Chapter 8 will give you tips and suggestions to help you focus even more clearly on your goals for the rest of your life. It will help you keep the right attitude about your dreams, find the best people to support your plans, and maintain your finest physical condition so you can keep moving forward. You will end up determined to set a positive example for all those around you, whether they are younger or older.

Make it a wonderful life!

Order a copy of Three Cheers for the Good Years! now, at the website discount price of $15 plus $3 shipping and handling. To order by e-mail, mailto:caroline@AwesomeAging.com with your credit card number. (We accept VISA, Master Card, Discover, or American Express.) Or call 661-871-9201, or send a personal check for $18 to Caroline Corser, 2671A Oswell Street, #112, Bakersfield, CA 93306-3152.


Caroline Corser, Cheerleader for Positive Lifestyles, speaks to baby boomers and seniors about filling your life with laughter and play. She can be reached at 661-871-9201 or    caroline@AwesomeAging.com


Contact Caroline now to engage her as a keynote speaker
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