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About Caroline
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Caroline learned how to tell jokes at an early age from her father, whose barbershop was always full of customers eagerly anticipating his kidding and jokes.  Always eager to talk to anyone who would listen, she developed a love for performing when she suddenly found herself speaking at a junior high school assembly program.  The praise Caroline received for her expressive voice and her reading of the story that day started her lifetime passion for the stage.

    But like so many people, Caroline put aside her dreams and pursued a "practical career."  Although she majored in speech and radio communications at Michigan State College., she also got a teaching credential and taught in junior high schools for several years.  

    Then after earning a master's degree in linguistics at the University of Texas, she performed for captive audiences in community college English classes, lacing her grammar lessons with every humorous device she could concoct to help her students learn academic writing.  Once retired from teaching, Caroline combined her sense of humor with her love of the stage and started speaking to local businesses, clubs, and charitable organizations about the joys and benefits of humor at work and at home. 

    When the growing baby boomer market caught Caroline's attention, she started reading studies and reports on the aging process. What Caroline learned about the unlimited possibilities for a long, healthy future excited her so that she could not wait to spread the word--to tell the world that you don't have to look forward to a future of decrepit helplessness, peering at life through a demented fog.

    At age 71, Caroline is now fulfilling her dreams as a speaker and a writer.  She calls herself a Cheerleader for Positive Lifestyles, and she uses her clever sense of humor to encourage baby boomers and seniors to make the most of their lives for the rest of their lives. She has written a guide book for finding your passion and pursuing your dreams, Three Cheers for the Good Years: You're Not an Antique, But That Rocking Chair Is, and she writes and publishes a free, monthly e-mail magazine, Great Lifestyles After Fifty.  Caroline's speeches and workshops are filled with useful information, active participation, and lots of laughs, as she cheers her audiences on to find their passion and live life to its fullest.  

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